Hitting the Maintenance "Sweet Spot"

Every baseball or tennis player has heard of the “sweet spot”—it’s the place on the bat or raquet where all the forces come together and the maximum power is transmitted to the ball with a minimum of vibration felt in the player’s hands. There’s a sweet spot in electrical maintenance as well. A carefully planned program of Electrical Preventive/Predictive Maintenance helps the maintenance manager find that “sweet spot”.

Consider the variable of frequency of maintenance. If a plant were to do no preventive or scheduled maintenance, all maintenance costs would be lumped into corrective maintenance when the equipment finally fails. During equipment downtime, fixes would be initiated, but soon the breakdowns would multiply as differing systems reached the limits of their reliability at unpredictable intervals. Costs would quickly ramp up as the expense of corrective maintenance adds to the cost of lost product. The point of prohibitive expense would soon be reached.

Obviously increasing the frequency of scheduled and preventive maintenance would bring down costs by reducing lost product with only a slight increase in the costs incurred through regular maintenance. But even regular maintenance can become prohibitive if pushed beyond a certain point. If the frequency of maintenance were increased excessively eventually the cost of wasted manpower and parts replacement of still serviceable parts would eventually induce costs that are wasteful and excessive.

Somewhere between these extremes exist the “maintenance sweet spot.” D.L. Steiner, Inc. has produced an electronic tool to assist electrical maintenance personnel in discovering this sweet spot and maximizing the reliability of electrical equipment and the efficiency of maintenance activities—ReBEEMS: Reliability Based Electrical Equipment Management  System.

  1. ReBEEMS is ONLINE! Once signed into the system, ReBEEMS and its maintenance tools are available from any web-enabled computer. No more thrashing through poorly organized file systems, ReBEEMS supplies instant access to an industrial-strength maintenance database.
  2. ReBEEMS means INSTANT DOCUMENTATION! What are you looking for? Single-line drawings? Equipment manuals? Maintenance procedures? Test sheet results? Maintenance schedules? All can be organized electronically for you in PDF or other convenient-to-access formats.
  3. ReBEEMS promotes SAFETY! The information needed to supply safe operation of your electrical equipment is easily provided through ReBEEMS database. Arc flash hazard records, shock protection boundaries, and PPE categories can be accessed and printed quickly and easily as checklists or labels.
  4. ReBEEMS means RELIABILITY! ReBEEMS is based upon NFPA 70B maintenance intervals to improve reliability and predictability in your maintenance program.

Give D.L. Steiner, Inc. a call today to inquire how the ReBEEMS program may assist productivity, safety and reliability at your facility.