Comprehensive NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training

You may already know about general OTJ safety: fall protection, confined spaces, etc. What do you know about electrical safety? Specifically, what do you know about NFPA 70E: the national consensus standard for electrical safety since the 1970s--as well as OSHA’s authority for determining what workplace electrical safety looks like?

With D.L. Steiner’s “The Electrically Safe Workplace” course, you can learn the key concepts of the all-important NFPA 70E safety standard so you can answer “yes” to these and other workplace electrical safety questions:

  • Can I recognize the electrical dangers present in my workplace?

  • Do I know how to stay electrically safe on the job?

  • Is my company compliant with the OSHA electrically safe workplace mandate (29 CFR §1910.333)?

  • Do I know enough about NFPA 70E to assist my clients with their OSHA electrical safety compliance?

This practical four-hour training course will teach you the essentials of the NFPA 70E electrical safety standard. You’ll learn-–

  • Shock and arc flash hazard analysis.

  • The basics of workplace electrical safety.

  • Safety-related work practices.

  • Safety-focused task assessment.

D.L. Steiner also offers a more in-depth eight-hour NFPA 70E course for those who would like to go deeper into the subjects covered during the four-hour course. Contact D.L. Steiner (419-222-6048) for more details.

Training Options to Meet Your Schedule and Needs

Want on-site training for all of your qualified personnel? How about training for just one or two? D.L. Steiner can bring our NFPA 70E safety course to your facility – or you can take advantage of one of our regularly scheduled, open-enrollment regional training courses, conducted in cooperation with local electrical supply houses and college workforce education programs.

Either way, your personnel will receive the electrical safety training they need while earning a certificate of training and 0.4 CEUs or 4 Contact Hours.

Those who attend our Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB)-approved training class will received 8 hours of Code credit toward their Ohio contractor's license renewal.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

  • Four-hour training--Friday, September 27, 2019; 8:00 am--12:00 noon; D.L. Steiner, Inc.; 1201 Findlay Road; Lima, Ohio 45801. Cost: $185 per attendee (if paying by credit card, processing fee applies).

Contact D.L. Steiner (419-222-6048 x211) to register or to request a proposal for on-site training.

PPE Consultation

D.L. Steiner can also assist you with proper selection of your electrical PPE (personal protective equipment). From arc flash suites to gloves and arc-rated tools, we can help ensure you have the gear you need to work safely.

Have PPE questions?

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NFPA 70E Training Video

In addition to four- and eight-hour training courses for qualified electrical workers, D.L. Steiner offers a DVD-based electrical safety training video for unqualified workers. This 30-minute presentation will instruct your unqualified personnel in the essentials of workplace electrical safety and the NFPA 70E safety standard.

Click the image below to preview the D.L. Steiner
electrical safety training video.