Effective Power Factor Correction Using Synchronous Motors

Power factor and power factor correction are familiar electrical terms, but just in case they are new to you, let’s do a quick review. As it relates to electrical energy, power factor is the ratio of working power to apparent power. Working power (kW) is the electrical energy you need to do useful things, namely, run production equipment. Apparent power (kVA) is the electrical energy your utility company must supply in order to deliver the working power you need.Read More

Lowering Electric Costs Through Demand Control

With today’s focus on reducing the high cost of monthly electric utility charges, most companies automatically assume this means installing new, more energy-efficient fixtures and equipment. These can help, but for many facilities, the place to begin in cutting electric costs is not by installing a new lighting system or high-efficiency motors. Instead, it’s by taking a look at the electric utility bill—more specifically, thedemand charge on that bill.Read More

Implementing Effective Power Management

Advances in digital monitoring/control devices and networking technology have expanded the range of power monitoring equipment available, plus improved its functionality. The result is a significant new potential forincreasing power system reliability while decreasing system operating costs. These advances are causing a growing number of facilities to develop comprehensive energy management strategies that help them maximize their energy resources.Read More