Better Electric Distribution Systems Begin with “Knowing the Load”

Those familiar with electrical concepts know that load basically refers to the power an electrical system draws in order to keep its network of equipment operating. There can be a big difference between the actual electrical load a system draws and the load it is capable of drawing.Read More

Designing for Reliability, Safety, and Maintenance

Because the design of an electrical system is based on distributing power, we can easily lose sight of its other important functional criteria and if we don’t consider these, longterm system operating costs will skyrocket. To avoid this, electrical systems need to be designed for reliability, safety, and ease of maintenance.Read More

Hitting the Maintenance "Sweet Spot"

Every baseball or tennis player has heard of the “sweet spot”—it’s the place on the bat or racquet where all the forces come together and the maximum power is transmitted to the ball with a minimum of vibration felt in the player’s hands. There’s a sweet spot in electrical maintenance as well...

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