Load Flow Analysis--

Maximize the Load Capacity of Your System

Sure, your company’s electrical system is working--but how well is it performing? A lot could be going on behind the scenes that you’re not aware of. Your system could be--

  • Under-loaded--Capable of safely and efficiently powering more equipment.
  • Overloaded--Drawing more power than its design intends, creating the potential for failure.
  • Unbalanced--Laboring under an unequally distributed electric load, which reduces efficiency.
  • Improperly designed--Unable to handle contingencies (e.g., load transfers) without shutting down.
  • Inadequate--Insufficiently sized for future load expansions.

D.L. Steiner’s Load Flow Analysis service will investigate these and other key system issues so you can fine-tune both your system and its load. During our study, we’ll investigate these and other load-related issues as necessary:

  • Component and circuit loading
  • Real and reactive power flows in system lines
  • Voltage magnitude and phase angle at each system bus
  • Power factor and system losses
  • Transformer tap settings
  • Overall load balance

The results will help you to build a properly sized and configured electrical system that can handle normal and emergency load conditions, now--and as your company grows in the future.

Optimal Power Flow

Optimal power flow--the point where an electrical system operates at its lowest cost per kWh--is the goal of every organization. Load Flow Analysis by D.L. Steiner will help your electrical system achieve maximum load capacity at minimum cost so you can make optimal load flow a reality.

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