Energy Systems that Are Well-Designed, Reliable, Efficient, Safe, and Environmentally Responsible...

The D.L. Steiner Advantage

The D.L. Steiner engineering team has PE registrations in more than a dozen states, and its energy credentials include the CEM (Certified Energy Manager), CEA (Certified Energy Auditor), CMVP (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional), and CDSM (Certified Demand Side Manager) designations from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, as it celebrates its 25th anniversary, D.L. Steiner continues to meet the needs of its existing client base, while expanding the firm’s list of new customers, through a combination of practical, effective products and services, and responsive customer support – all built on the company’s long-range vision: be the first engineering firm that business and industry turn to for total energy solutions: energy systems that are well designed, reliable, efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of D. L. Steiner, Inc. to glorify God, working in unity and experiencing God in all we do, to help people develop, to pursue excellence, and to grow profitably while having an eternal impact on all employees, their families, and other businesses with which we have contact.

Daniel L. Steiner, President

The president of the company, Dan Steiner, is a graduate of The Ohio State University in Electrical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, and more.

He has been active in the electrical maintenance and construction businesses for the past 35 years, including 15 years at the British Petroleum Refinery (now Husky Energy) in Lima, Ohio. His last position with the Refinery was Manager of Maintenance Operations, in which he was responsible for all phases of the maintenance and construction activities on electrical distribution systems of 35,000 Volts and less, as well as electronic and pneumatic control systems.

Company History

Founding and Early Years

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D.L. Steiner, Inc. began operations in February 1988, founded by Daniel L. Steiner, a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Engineering and a licensed professional electrical engineer in the state of Ohio. Dan started D.L. Steiner after more than 15 years of service as a staff and managing engineer for what was then the Standard Oil Refinery in Lima, Ohio (now the Husky Energy Lima Refinery). While at the refinery, Dan gained broad experience in electrical system design, electrical equipment maintenance, and electrical system reliability – a diverse technical background that served as the basis for successfully launching his own electrical engineering and consulting practice in the late 1980s.


During its early years, D.L. Steiner, Inc. focused on new and retrofit design projects for electrical distribution systems in industrial and commercial facilities, extending the value of these services with in-depth knowledge of electrical equipment maintenance and reliability. By the late 1990s, the company had expanded its offering to include electrical construction, equipment testing, and custom control panel design and build. Among D.L. Steiner’s many clients were such names as Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics, Lafarge Corp., and Owens-Illinois.

Electrical Safety Services

At the start of the 2000s, as the phenomena of Arc Flash Hazard and Arc Blast became recognized and much-studied electrical hazards, D.L. Steiner returned to its origins as consulting engineers, refocusing on electrical distribution system design and analysis, with an emphasis on electrical system safety management. The company’s resulting turnkey Arc Flash Hazard Safety Program and NFPA 70E-based electrical safety training course have helped dozens of organizations implement an effective electrical safety program while complying with the OSHA mandate to provide an electrically safe workplace for their employees. Companies such as The Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, Honda Corporation, US Steel, and Whirlpool Corporation are among D.L. Steiner’s Arc Flash Analysis and safety training clients.

Energy Management Services

Energy efficiency has become as high a priority as electrical system safety and reliability in recent years. To respond to this market dynamic, D.L. Steiner has pursued training and accreditation in the field of energy management – not only for electrical distribution systems, but for all energy systems used in the modern industrial or commercial facility: gas, steam, water, etc. The firm’s comprehensive Facility Energy Assessments, Investment Grade Energy Audits, Demand Control solutions, and electrical design expertise have helped companies such as Dow Corning, Ford Motor Company, and Hanson Aggregates to reduce energy consumption or use energy more efficiently – all without negatively impacting production output – helping them save greatly on energy costs.

Other Professional Services

Complementing D.L. Steiner’s Electrical Safety and Energy Management services are a range of other professional capabilities that enable the company’s clients to implement safe, reliable, and efficient energy systems – and maintain them at this level:

  • Electrical Design and Engineering services – Power system design; project management; CAD services
  • Power Quality services – Power studies; Disturbance/Harmonic analysis; Power Factor analysis, Power Factor Correction and filtering; Load Flow Studies; etc.
  • Electrical Reliability Management and Maintenance services – ReBEEMS (Reliability-Based Electrical Equipment Management System) online maintenance database program; Reliability Studies; Electrical Preventive Maintenance program assessment and development
  • Other Safety services – safety training (electrical, lockout/tagout/fall prevention, confined spaces, hazard communication); safety resources (safety training videos, PPE, voltage-rated tools)