Introducing ReBEEMS...

Electrical Reliability Management Made Easier...

ReBEEMS (Reliability-Based Electrical Equipment Management System) is D.L. Steiner’s online, enterprise management tool for Electrical Reliability Management that helps you effectively manage your Electrical Preventive Maintenance and safety programs to meet NFPA 70B and 70E requirements.  ReBEEMS makes all of your electrical system data available online, 24/7/365, via any device with a Web browser.

An Electrical Preventive Maintenance program implemented at a single industrial plant will, by itself, generate a large amount of data.  Now, imagine the volume of information you would be required to manage, maintain, and monitor for a group of several industrial facilities.  ReBEEMS can easily handle the massive amounts of information necessary to maintain modern power distribution systems.

ReBEEMS is an essential management tool that assists our clients in keeping and easily accessing electrical equipment information essential for effective electrical maintenance.  ReBEEMS allows the storage and quick retrieval of critical information:

  • Up-to-date Single-line Drawings
  • System Update Tracking
  • Equipment Manuals
  • PM & Maintenance Records
  • Testing Records
  • Historical Failure Records
  • Safety Records
  • Bus Data
  • Equipment Labels
  • Much, much more!

ReBEEMS Subscriptions

Subscriptions a priced annually and dependent on the size and complexity of the facility's electrical system.  Implementing ReBEEMS involves two phases:

  1. ReBEEMS Setup: Data is collected and loaded
  2. Subscription Maintenance: Changes to your facility's electrical system are recorded in ReBEEMS

Because the majority of Phase 1 is completed when D.L. Steiner performs an electrical system study, the  first year's subscription fee is waived when the ReBEEMS implementation is combined with some of D.L. Steiner's system studies in other areas, such as Electrical Safety and Energy Management.